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Welcome to our team of freelance writers. This step by step guide will explain how our assignment allocation procedure works and below you will also find relevant information regarding your work with Ivory Research Co Ltd. If you have any questions that are not answered here or on our Writer FAQ, please email us at

Email / Assignment Procedures
Please check your emails regularly: Ideally we would like you to do this every four hours. If this is not feasible, please try to check at least twice a day.
To ensure correct and effective distribution of assignments, we use the following simple procedure:

Step 1
We will email you the request form (completed by the client) along with the following phrase: “Please let me know if you are willing / able to complete the assignment detailed below / attached. The price is XXX Pounds. “If we require you to provide a quote for the order, the email will contain the following phrase: “Please let me know if you are willing / able to complete the assignment detailed below / attached and advise us of your prices for all standards.”

Step 2
If you are interested in completing the assignment, you need to either accept it (i.e. agree to write it) or provide a quote (if requested). If you are not interested in the work you need to decline it. You must always reply. We do require a prompt response to avoid any delay for the client. If we have requested a quote from you please ensure that you give prices for the standards you are comfortable working at only.

Step 3
Scenario a)
If the client has already paid, we will reply with “The client has made payment, please start writing this assignment. Please start and confirm.”
Scenario b)
If you have quoted a price for the assignment we will reply to you with the following:  “Thank you for your reply. I will let you know when to start if / when the client pays. Please keep checking your email.”

Step 4
If you have provided a quote for the work we will provide the client with payment details from your quote if appropriate. After we receive payment from the client we will give you the go ahead by sending the following email: “The client paid for a (1st / 2:1 / 2:2 standard) – XXX pounds. Please start and confirm.”
In all cases:
You must reply to us confirming that you are starting the assignment. Failure to confirm this can result in us allocating this work to another writer.

Step 5
You must send us the completed assignment on or before your deadline. Please ensure that you follow the assignment brief and all of the client’s instructions, as well as adhering to our Compulsory Writing and Presentation Standards and include Information for Internal Use on the first page.

Payments and How They Are Made
As you should already be aware, we usually pay twice a month, usually on the first Tuesday and the middle Tuesday of each month. We will send you an invoice from our e-mail address and you need to confirm the amount stated in the invoice by replying on our e-mail. Failure to confirm this will result in a delay in your payment being sent.
Payments are made using Internet banking and are referenced ‘RESEARCH’. Please allow three working days for the payment to be cleared and to show up on your account statement.

Writing Standards
We continue to regularly update our Compulsory Writing and Presentation Standards. Please ensure you are always working with the most up to date version by clicking here

Internal Use Section
We know it’s not always easy starting with a new company, so to help you we have prepared a guide on how to complete our Internal Use section, which is required for each and every paper you write for us. To read this guide, please click here.

Dissertation Writing
Dissertations are the most popular service offered on our website. Writing a dissertation is rewarding and profitable but it can also be a very complex piece of work to complete.
Please ensure that you read and are fully conversant with the process and requirements before accepting this type of work by referring to our online guide.

Earn Extra Cash!
We are always looking for new writers. To find out how you can earn extra money from our ‘Refer a Writer’ scheme, click here
The writers section is all about you so please make the most of it and visit it often! Once again, welcome to our team. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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