Your first three months studying in the UK

Congratulations! If you have just decided to study in the UK, you made just one of the best choices of your life. The UK has long been known for its high quality university education, so in three or four years, you will have an excellent opportunity to land your dream job. However, before that, there some things we need to go over.

It is completely normal if you are a little nervous about moving to the UK – most of would be nervous too! We would like to offer you some pieces of advice that most international students will find extremely useful. Studying abroad is a one-of-a-kind adventure, so it is important that you make the most out of it. We have been in your shoes, so we know how you are feeling and we would like to give you few tips on how to enjoy your first three months in the UK (and hopefully the rest of your studies, too).

The UK is a very popular country among international students and there is a large international community in the UK, so we are sure you will be able to find other people from your country at your university, which can be quite comforting. However, most people in the UK are very friendly and accepting towards international students. They also know that studying abroad is challenging and they therefore respect you for making this decision.

Things could be quite different in the UK from your home country, but many international students quickly adopt to the English lifestyle. It is not necessarily about crumpets, beans on toast and afternoon tea – these are fun too, but did you know that the UK University life is renowned for its spectacular clubbing life? If you enjoy going out, the UK is the best place to experience nights that you will want to remember forever – or want to forget immediately!

I understand that if your native language is not English, language could be an initial barrier hen you are studying abroad, but this is temporary and you will soon get used to the UK English. It might be different from what you have learnt in your language school, but trust me, words like mate, knackered, gutted, cheers and ace will sound much more familiar after a few weeks. Just give yourself some time to get used to it and you will have no issue communicating with native English people.

Although you probably do not want to hear just yet about the studying part of your life in the UK, chances are that going to university is going to be a big shift from your previous studying. There is no need to worry, all you need to do is break the materials into smaller learning units, and you will be able to avoid overnight studying accompanied by your favourite energy drink.

As a future international student in the UK, you have already proven your courage by filling out your application to an UK university. Yes, it is scary, but trust me, you’re a strong person so there’s nothing that can prevent you from enjoying your first three months studying in the UK. Good luck!



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