Unconventional Ways to Make Money as a Student

It’s a well-known stereotype that students are penniless! If you’re in the situation where you’re studying and starting to feel the pinch, don’t worry, we’ve put together a list which may help. Besides getting a job in your local supermarket (that will bore you to death before starvation gets you) there are some less conventional ways to make a few extra quid, and some are more lucrative than others.

1. Sell your past papers

If you’re a confident academic this is the perfect money maker for you. You’ve spent lots of time writing your essays, correct? Well they always say that time equals money so what’s the point of letting all those hours work in the library go to waste? Once you’ve submitted your paper, you’re done with it – but there are plenty of others who could read it as a study guide and these are people willing to pay you for the pleasure. Go online, there are plenty of websites which buy essays, they might be just what you need to put a few extra pounds in your pocket.

2. Sell your white blood cells

Ok, so selling your blood doesn’t sound like the most sensible idea does it? However, there are hundreds of certified websites out there who will pay you generously for your white blood cells. No joke! A healthy human has more than enough white blood cells to spare a few to science every now and then, it is literally a natural way of making money and requires minimum effort from you. Most would consider it a win- win situation; it all depends on how squeamish you are.

3. Flu Camp

This is similar to the one above, but requires a bit more work from yours side (work is used very loosely in this sense). This is one for a reading week or an Easter holiday. Essentially what happens is people pay you to make you ill, and for a week or two you have to stay within a special facility. This sounds like a nightmare, granted, but the pay is surprisingly lucrative for the amount of time you are there for. If you are super skint, this is definitely something you should consider, not eating makes you ill too after all.

4. Tutor

This is probably the most conventional of the ideas on the list. The ‘unconventional’ thing about this is that people don’t believe that they are actually good enough to tutor students until someone asks. If you’ve passed the year another person is attempting then why shouldn’t you be in a position to help? As long as you’re fair and dedicated to helping people then you should have no issue with guiding other students to success in their studies. Even if the fee is a tenner a lesson, it’s a tenner you never had before, right?

There are plenty of ways for a student to make money if you know where to look, be clever. The internet offers many opportunities to find work you might not have considered before, a quick internet search might open up avenues for you to exploit so get googling!



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