Top 5 popular degrees in the USA

Whether you should study a degree because it is popular is a debatable question. In the US there are many degrees which are popular amongst students including:

#1 Business Management and Administration

This is one of the most popular majors in US universities with hundreds of thousands of students graduating with this qualification each year. Studying this degree in the US will prepare students for intricate problem solving within a business environment. Graduates will complete a series of written projects and complete lots of essay writing to prepare them for work in a number of sectors. Typically graduates will go on to roles in management or business analysis. If you struggle with your written work, there are university assignment writing services who can help.

#2 Nursing

Another popular option for US students is nursing. Young people are attracted to this course because they want to make a real difference to people’s lives working on the front line in healthcare. Within nursing students can also choose to specialise in multiple areas including anaesthetics, practitioners, midwifery or as an instructor.

#3 General Psychology

As with the UK, General Psychology is also one of the preferred options for US students. A general psychology degree in the US can lead into careers such as marketing, human resources and social work. Clinical career options are also available but you will need to embark on a period of further study, obtaining a Masters or Doctorate.

#4 Criminal Justice

It takes a special type of person to work in the criminal justice system. Once graduated students must be willing to work with a diverse range of individuals whether it is a legal professional or criminal so great interpersonal skills are an essential requirement. Criminal justice can lead to a range of career options including law enforcement, security, forensics or corrections.

#5 Communications

As one of the most rapidly growing areas of study, communications can open up doors to some excellent opportunities in the digital sector. It is also an area where skills are in demand. Your essay writing will be a great way to both demonstrate and develop your writing skills.

In each of these areas, there may be times when you need help with coursework writing or preparing for examinations. There are lots of professional firms who can help you adequately prepare but it is important that you read reviews or research the company in detail before you decide to work with a professional writer.



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