Knowledge base – academic databases and other resources

This section intends to provide details of databases and other sources that can be used within papers.
Sources of useful information: 

Proquest is an electronic and microfilm publisher based in America and is part of the Cambridge Information Group, who are a privately owned group of information services, publishing companies and educational institutions. Proquest provides aids research by providing an estimated 125 billion digital pages of archived information, such as newspapers, periodicals, dissertations and aggregated databases of many types.
Check with your library reference desk or help desk for instructions or login information on connecting remotely to ProQuest.
If you have an Athens username and password to log on to ProQuest then please login via the Athens login page.

EBSCO Host is an American-based online bibliography which can be accessed after purchasing a subscription. Their services include reference databases, subscription management, online journals, books, linking services and A-to-Z solutions.
Free trials are available if you are acting on behalf of an organisation or institution, however, they are not available for students or individuals.

Dow Jones Factiva products and services provide essential business news and information together with the content delivery tools that power the intelligent enterprise. The unrivalled collection of more than 14,000 authoritative sources includes the exclusive combination of The Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times™, Dow Jones and Reuters newswires and the Associated Press, as well as Reuters Fundamentals, and D&B company profiles.
Subscription allows: Unlimited searching and access to headlines and lead sentences from more than 17,000 news and business information sources, more than 8,000 Web sites and Reuters pictures
Subscription costs only $69 for an Annual Subscription – applied once a year at initial sign-up and each following year upon confirmation of renewal or $2.95 per document or picture viewed

Questia is a provider of copyrighted information and educational resource in over 200 countries around the world. This is one of the world’s largest collections of books, articles and journals in the humanities and natural sciences.
A 72 hour free trial is available for this site, followed by $9.95 per month until you cancel.

Directory of Open Access Journals
This is a directory of scientific and scholarly journals. The intention of this website is for multi-disciplinary journals to be available on the same website. This service is hosted, maintained and partly funded by the Lund University Libraries Head Office.
Membership costs 100 Euro per calendar year and provides the following benefits:

  • Acknowledgement as a DOAJ Member on the DOAJ Membership Pages, including link to your/your institutions/your company’s homepage.
  • Access to the list of recently added titles
  • Subscription to e-mail list for DOAJ members
  • Access to list of removed titles
  • The right to use the DOAJ membership in marketing activities.

Some journal articles are available free of charge on the website.

Intute is a free online service providing you with a database of hand selected Web resources for education and research
Intute is a free online service providing access to the very best web resources for education and research.

New Scientist
If you are taking a degree in a science related discipline then this website is extremely useful. New Scientist publish weekly magazines but if you pay a small subscription fee on the website then you have access to all archived articles which can be a great source of information for your assignment or dissertation and you know that it has come from a credible source.
Some of the articles on this website are accessible for free but certain articles marked NS require a subscription to be accessed. If you subscribe to the magazine (prices vary depending on subscription type) then all online content is free.

Financial Times (
This website allows you to sign up for the free Registered service to obtain access to full-text articles from the current five years.

Google Books (
“Finding books with Google Book Search is as easy as finding websites with Google Web Search; just enter the keyword or phrase you’re looking for into the Google Book Search box. For example, when you search for “rock climbing” or for a phrase like “one small step for man,” we’ll find all the books whose contents match your search terms. Click on a book title and you’ll see basic info about the book just like you’d see in a card catalogue. You might also see a few snippets -sentences of your search term in context. If a publisher or author has given us permission, you’ll see a full page and be able to browse within the book to see more pages. If the book is out of copyright, you’ll see a full page and you can page forward or back to see the full book. Clicking on “Search within this book,” allows you to perform more searches within the book you’ve selected. You can click on any of the “Buy this Book” links to go straight to an online bookstore where you can buy the book. In many cases, you can also click “Find this book in a library” to find a local library where you can borrow it.”

Yahoo Finance

Many universities and further education colleges will allow students to use Athens. This is an online Access Management System which allows your organisation to decide which online resources would be suitable for your course and lets you access them. In order to use this service you will require a login which will usually be provided by your organisation.
Databases which can be accessed through Athens (depending on your organisation) may include:


  • Business Source Premier– This allows access to over 2300 business publications, such as 1100 scholarly academic journals. This also provides company and country profile reports.
  • Emerald – This contains several business oriented databases (Emerald Fulltext and Emerald Management Reviews)
  • HOSNILL – A directory (PDF format)of ‘Newspapers in Selected London Libraries’ which has been compiled by City Business Library

Social Science

  • CasWeb – This provides statistics from the UK censuses dated 1971, 1981, 1991 and 2001.
  • Census Geography Data Unit – This provides access to digital boundary data.
  • Census Interaction Data Services – This provides access to the 1981, 1991 and 2001 origin-destination statistics
  • Greenfile – This provides bibliographic reference to journal articles and other documents related to environmental issues. This included academic and government publications.
  • Historic Digimap – This is an online directory of Landmark Information  Group historic Ordnance Surveys maps dates from mid 1800s to the early 1900s.
  • IBSS (International Bibliography of the Social Sciences) – This provides data dating back to 1980 on Anthropology, Economics, Political Science and Sociology.
  • Landmap – This is the UK national archive of satellite mapping data.


  • ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) – This provides abstracts/index journals on Resources in Education (RIE) and Current Index to Journals in Education (CIJE).


  • British and Irish Legal Information Institute – This provides Case Law (British, Irish and European), law commission reports and British and Irish law related material.
  • Casetrack Academic – This provides full text judgements for the following: Court of Appeal (Criminal & Civil Divisions), Administrative Court (1996 to present), all divisions of the High Court and Employment Appeal Tribunal (1998 to present) and VAT tribunal (2002to present)
  • House of Commons Parliamentary Papers – This provides access to the collection of 18th,19th and 20th century House of Commons Parliamentary Papers.
  • Lawtel – This provides access to summaries and transcripts from approximately 1980, original text of Acts from 1984, access to Command Papers from 1992 and an index of citation to Law related journal articles.
  • LexisNexis Butterworths – Includes English cases from 1865, consolidated or amended legislation, full text of some law journals, full text of some newspapers. Lexis also provides access to EU, US and other international legal materials.


  • Free Medical Journals – A database of free medical journals that are sorted by title and medical speciality.
  • JAMA & Archives Journals – This contains clinical and research articles on a wide range of medical topics.
  • Medline – This is a database of the U.S. National Library of Medicine from 1990 to present. Included are citations and abstracts to world-wide biomedical literature (including research, clinical practice, administration, policy issues and healthcare services).


  • Science Direct – This is an online journal collection containing over 1500 titles from the Elsevier Science Collection and 2.75 million articles from 1995 to present.
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