SWOT Analysis of

Strengths to Choose:

 Business alliances
 Competitive pricing
 Cost advantages over competitors
 Effective Marketing Strategy
 Experienced Personnel
 Extensive Customer Base
 Good financial position
 High market share
 High quality products/services
 Innovative products/services
 Little competition
 Lucrative location
 Market Leadership
 Niche market leadership
 Original products/services
 Patents/Proprietary technology
 Plant & Equipment
 Strong brand
 Strong distribution chain
 Strong international operations
 Strong market position
 Strong online presence
 Strong supplier relationships

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Weaknesses to Choose:

 Damaged reputation
 Higher costs than competitors
 Inexperienced personnel
 Lack of an effective marketing strategy
 Lack of business alliances
 Lack of innovation in business
 Lack of international operations
 Lack of online presence
 Lack of original products/services
 Lack of Patents/Proprietary technology
 Limited customer base
 Limited product line
 Low market share
 Low quality products/services
 Low R&D
 Old & outdated technologies
 Over pricing
 Poor financial position
 Poor relationship with employees
 Stock problems
 Underdeveloped distribution chain
 Unprofitable location
 Weak Brand
 Weak market position
 Weak supplier relationships

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Opportunities to Choose:

 Available Governmental support
 Available technological innovations
 Change in consumer lifestyles
 Decrease in taxation
 Entering new markets
 Entering niche markets
 Expand customer base (Geographically or through new products)
 Expand product/service lines
 Expand to other markets
 Expertise of the existing workforce
 Export to new markets
 Gain online/e-commerce presence
 Good financial position
 Growth of the industry of operations
 Improvement in economic climate
 Market Diversification
 Merger or takeover
 Reduction in interest rates
 Strategic alliances & joint ventures
 Structural changes in the industry

Additional Opportunities:

Threats to Choose:

 Change in consumer lifestyles
 Changes in demographics
 Changes in regulations
 Changing consumer patterns
 Changing technology
 Competition from foreign markets
 Competitor's actions
 Financial slowdown
 Foreign exchange rate changes affecting imports/exports
 Growing power of customers to set the price
 Growing power of suppliers to set the price
 Increase in taxation
 Increasing interest rates
 Innovative products/services of competitors
 Low-cost imports
 Market slow growth or decline
 New competitors entering the market
 Price war between competitors
 Products entering decline stage
 Rising costs of business
 Structural changes in the industry
 Substitute products

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