You will be paid for the completed dissertation on the next invoice/payment day.

Client’s amendments – 2nd half of the dissertation

You will need to allow the client 21 days to come back with amendments on the completed dissertation. These amendments will then need to be completed within a short time span (normally 48 hours if not otherwise agreed). Client”s amendment requests are not always reasonable. If they are asking for something small, it’s best just…

Being late

It happens to the best of us; sometimes we are late with the final delivery. However, the way you handle this is of paramount importance. The main thing to remember is to be respectful. Providing fake excuse is not acceptable and Ivory Research has heard all of them over the years. False excuses are observed…

Final dissertation delivery

You will need to complete the dissertation in full, including the full body, contents page, abstract/executive summary, references and appendices. Always spell check your work. Please click here to see a sample of a good dissertation and how it should look.

Data and Graphs

Whatever method you are using to analyse the data, make sure you send the working files to the client (i.e. raw data, excel sheets, questionnaires, analysis and any other calculations). You obviously need to include the results tables within the work, be it in the main analysis section or the appendix. However, if you do…

Starting the second half of the dissertation

Once the client pays the second instalment (if the client has chosen such a payment plan), then you will be asked to start the second half of the dissertation. Alternatively, if the client has paid in full we will advise you when to start, however please bear in mind your final deadline and chase us…

Chasing the client

If you have requested the data be sent to you by the client, you will probably need to chase them to receive it. Start chasing at least one week in advance, any delays will hold up the second part of your work.

Client’s amendments – 1st half of dissertation

You will need to allow the client 10 days to come back with any amendment requests for the first half of the dissertation. These amendments will then need to be completed within a short time span (48 hours, if otherwise not agreed). The clients do not always provide clear instructions on exactly what it is…

Using Secondary Data

If you are searching for secondary data, arguably you are more in control. However, over the years, data availability has increased dramatically making it harder to find the right information on the internet. Furthermore, it’s very unlikely that you will find the correct breakdown once you start uploading the data. To make matters worse, good…

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