Unless otherwise requested, please submit your papers as a Word document. Please note that all completed papers must be sent in .doc, .docx or RTF format. Use Times New Roman, size 12pt, 1.5 spacing and make sure your paper is fully justified. Please ensure your work looks neat and professional with subheadings and chapter headings when appropriate

All dissertations, proposals and reports MUST include contents pages.

If you are in any doubt as to compile a contents page, please ask us and we will provide instructions. When you submit the completed paper, you must reply to the email thread containing the original assignment brief and ensure that the file is saved with the order number as the file name.

All appendices (if any) and the reference list and/or bibliography must be included within the word file containing the completed paper, unless they are completed in an Excel file or other software, such as SPSS. You should not submit the appendices in a separate Word file as this will lead to the paper being returned to you. You will be expected to include these within the file containing the completed paper.

Information For Internal Use (IFIU)

It is important that you provide IFIU with your paper. Please include the paper title, year, word count, paper description and several relevant keywords. For the paper description, please do not copy and paste from the original work.

Here is an example of IFIU:

SWOT, PESTEL and Porter’s 5 Forces analyses of & Spencer


2,500 words

This paper looks at Marks & Spencer (M&S), one of the UK’s leading retailers and a very successful brand. It examines the environment in which M&S is operating with the help of the PESTEL analysis and then goes on to scrutinise the attractiveness and competitiveness of the retailing industry in the UK (Porter’s Five Forces analysis). Finally, a SWOT analysis is undertaken to highlight the company’s strengths and weaknesses and to reveal any opportunities it can capitalise on and threats it may encounter in the process of further development (SWOT).

Marks & Spencer, SWOT; PESTEL; Porter’s Five Forces

This information should be included on the first page of the assignment, not in a separate document, and you should then insert a page break so that the actual assignment should begin on the following page. Please be aware that failure to submit the IFIU or an incomplete IFIU may lead to a penalty being applied.


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