Please take note of the following operational procedures that you must adhere to:

  • Create a Gmail account (see Communication).
  • Always answer our phone calls and reply to our emails, ideally within 4 hours, however please ensure you respond within 12 hours maximum.
  • Please read the brief carefully and ask any questions before accepting it.
  • In emails, include a response directly to the client where relevant.
  • Ensure each paper is original, written by you alone and of the required standard.
  • Assess your ability to write to a 1st standard before accepting a piece.
  • Submit papers in .doc, .docx or RTF format.
  • Use Arial or Times New Roman, size 10 or 12, 1.5 spacing and ensure the paper is fully justified.
  • Check you have included contents for dissertations and appendices if required.
  • Provide Information For Internal Use (IFIU) section within each paper and amended paper.
  • Complete all amendments within 24 hours unless otherwise arranged.
  • Always meet deadlines. If you feel you may struggle to meet the deadline inform us immediately.
  • Take note of the penalties for late submissions.
  • Thoroughly check the standard of English, spelling and grammar.
  • Save the completed file using the order number (e.g., 12345.doc) and send it to us by replying to the email with the original assignment brief. Do NOT start a new email thread.

When completing a paper you must:

  • Comply with all client requirements in the brief – ask to clarify if you are unsure.
  • Answer the question.
  • Adhere to the client’s referencing request (or use Harvard if no specific request is made).
  • Write to the requested number of words (1% below and up to 10% above is acceptable).
  • Use all essential and many suggested sources.
  • Include quality sources.
  • Use all extra information sent by the client.
  • Check the type of assignment – essay, report, proposal, dissertation, etc.
  • Support everything you say with quality references.
  • Ensure the work is 100% plagiarism free.
  • Use no more than 25% Internet sources.
  • Include the minimum number of required references as detailed in this document

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