To ensure you fully understand the client’s requirements and to use your time to maximum effect, you will need to provide the client with an outline of the proposed dissertation (500-1000 words). The outline must include a small literature review, aims, objectives and the chosen methodology. You can download a sample outline here.

The methodology is the most important part of the dissertation (for most subjects). In turn, the research method should be outlined very clearly as this will need to be approved by the tutor before proceeding.

Before writing the methodology, ensure you will be able to do it well. If you are using secondary data, make sure you can get hold of it as not everything is free.

If you are using primary research, clarify with the client who will be collecting it and who will be writing the questions/questionnaire. If the client is collecting their own data, then ensure that they will send the information back to you in time for the respective deadlines. This can become a lengthy process if the questions need to be approved before results can be gathered, so contact us if you are worried about the deadlines and we will consult the client.

It is also important to outline how you are planning to analyse the data. For example, are you going to use Excel, SPSS or Eviews? Please ensure you have the appropriate software for the requirements, and that the number/style of graphs and tables is agreed upon.


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