You will need to allow the client 21 days to come back with amendments on the completed dissertation. These amendments will then need to be completed within a short time span (normally 48 hours if not otherwise agreed).

Client”s amendment requests are not always reasonable. If they are asking for something small, it’s best just to do it and make sure that the client is happy. However, if the client is asking for something very large, you may need to negotiate with the client.

It is very important to remember that you are likely to be more familiar with the work than the client is. In turn, if the client is asking for something that will harm their final results, then you need to point this out to them as our ultimate goal is to get the client the result that they have paid for.

Please also consider that clients often get feedback from tutors, who are trying to push their student up to the next grade. Tutor feedback will form much of the basis for amendment requests, but it may well fall outside of the original brief. If it is a minor matter, it is better for everyone if you do it quickly and without fuss, but if the client is adding significant workload let us know as soon as and we will inform the quality department who will be asked to examine the case.

If you believe that the amendments requested are outside of the original brief then the same procedures apply as outlined in the Compulsory Writing and Presentation Standards. In such cases, please compose two messages;

  • One to the Quality Department outlining exactly what in the amendments requests is outside the original brief, with as much detail as you can include. The QCO will then look this over and decide if it is indeed the case.
  • A second message to the client, which will be sent over in the case that the QCO agrees with you. Please be polite and again detail your concerns with the order, as well as a new quote to finish the work in these amendments.

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