You will need to allow the client 10 days to come back with any amendment requests for the first half of the dissertation. These amendments will then need to be completed within a short time span (48 hours, if otherwise not agreed).

The clients do not always provide clear instructions on exactly what it is they want amended, as feedback may come from a third party. In turn, it is your job to clarify this before starting the amendments as this will allow you to avoid any further amendments in the future. Ask the client some questions for your own clarification.

Sometimes the client may ask for something that was not originally requested. It is important to remember that our main objective is to keep the client happy to ensure that they make the second payment.

If you need more than 48 hours to complete the amendments, you will need to inform Ivory Research straight away, so that they can agree this with the client.

It is necessary to amend the paper now, than face a much larger set of requests after you deliver the second part of the dissertation.


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