We would normally deliver a dissertation by firstly providing a free outline (for your approval), then delivering the first half and then the final version. For urgent deliveries we may provide you with a free outline and then a final completed dissertation (subject to agreement). However, we know that some people will require more parts or drafts to be delivered, especially in the case of Master’s and PhD levels. So for the convenience of our clients we offer a flexible service that enables you to plan the delivery of your dissertation according to your preferences. For example: dissertation outline, draft of the literature review, draft of the methodology, draft of the analysis of findings, draft of the conclusion and recommendations and then the final version.

If you need more parts or drafts by a specific deadline we offer a flexible service that enables you to plan according to your needs. The option of adding more parts to your dissertation delivery plan will be available to you when completing the order form, (deadline permitting), by choosing “Change Delivery Plan” option. You can ask for as many extra deliverables as you like although there is an extra charge for each extra deliverable. It is essential that you reply immediately with any feedback about the completed draft/part in order for us to meet your requested final deadline and avoid any delay.


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