With all of our orders, clients are entitled to a period of free amendments. For assignments clients are allowed to request amendments for 10 days, and for dissertations the time allowed is 31 days in total: for the first half of the dissertation, clients have 10 days to request amendments and for the second half they are allowed 21 days. We offer these deadlines to ensure that quality control and plagiarism checks can be completed to the highest level. We also want to make sure that the client has enough time to request amendments, especially if they are experiencing issues that means they need more time. We expect all amendments to be completed within 24-48hrs, unless otherwise stated. There may be rare occasions where clients will request amendments outside of this time. We would kindly request that you consider completing these amendments without additional charge so as to ensure client satisfaction. If you feel that an additional charge is fully justified, and we will ask for your justification, we will inform the client of the fee payable (Please see Amendment Disputes).

Ways to ensure amendments are not necessary

In an ideal situation, clients would not have to request amendments, and there are ways to make this a possibility.

  • Make sure you read every aspect of the client’s initial request before you accept the work. If you think that for any reason you will not be able to complete the work or there are parts you do not understand; then you can decline it or request clarification. For example if you haven’t got the time, if you haven’t got the right software or if you do not think you are suitably qualified, then you should not accept it.
  • If you do chose to accept the work, make sure you read every aspect of the client’s request. If you have any more questions that will help you complete the paper then ask them. This ensures that the work you provide will be exactly what they are looking for. If you stick to the client’s request, there should be no need for amendments.
  • When you begin work on the order, we advise that you send a short outline of your plan of action. If the client has any concerns or suggestions relating to your plan, then this gives them the opportunity to voice their concerns before you complete the work. This also reduces the likelihood of amendments.
  • Do not leave the work until the last minute, as you are likely to rush and this is when mistakes happen. It also means that you haven’t provided yourself with enough time to check the paper.
  • Before you send us the completed paper, it is essential that you proofread it first. Make sure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors, and ensure that the paper makes sense. Presentation is also important, as a poorly presented piece of work may make a client request amendments. Check that the reference list is correct and matches the content of the paper, and make sure that you have met each of the clients requirements.

When a client requests amendments, if they are unclear, we ask them to fill in an amendment request form (it will come to you in the same format as the original brief) where the client will list all of their concerns. Go through each problem raised and rectify them. When you receive notification of an amendment request, please confirm receipt of the request, and let us know when you will be able to return the amended piece of work (within 24 – 48 hours).

We may also require you to amend your paper if we feel your work does not meet our standards, or the overall quality is poor.


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