Occasionally there may be situations where the writer and the client cannot agree on amendments. It could be that you feel the request is outside of the initial brief, and the client doesn’t agree. Or it could be that the client thinks the grammar and presentation is poor, but you don’t. In this type of situation, we will ask our Quality Control Officer to assess the case, and decide whether the writer or client was correct. If they deem that the client was correct, you are obliged to complete the amendments. If they deem that the client is incorrect, we will advise them of an additional fee should they wish to go ahead with the amendments.

We take every amendment request very seriously. However, we assess each case individually and sometimes we will ask you to provide a quote for how much you will charge for amendments. This is only applicable in two situations:

  • The client’s amendment request comes after the amendments period applicableIf this does happen then it is within your rights to request a fee. This does not mean that you have to charge the clients, try to be fair. If you feel the amendments will not take long, or if you feel that it was genuine mistake, then try and make the amendments free. If a client is happy with your work and service, they are more likely to return and request you again. However, it is your choice how you choose to deal with this type of amendment.
  • The client requests amendments that are outside of the initial briefAt times, a client may receive a completed paper and realise that there needs to be major alterations outside the original brief, for example on receipt of supervisor feedback on dissertations. If these points were not in the initial request, then they are not eligible for free amendments. In this case clearly state why the requests are outside of the original brief, and explain how you will implement the changes and what the additional charge will include. Make sure you provide all the information the client will need i.e. delivery dates, charges, and what amendments you will be doing. This stops confusion and disappointment upon delivery of the amended paper. Again, it is your responsibility as a writer to ensure that you understand the initial brief and you know what is expected as part of it.

If the client requests a mix of valid amendment requests and additional / new requests, please inform us which points you are willing to complete and which ones you require an additional fee for. Please explain the reasons for the extra charges.

Additional Charges

We recommend that amendment charges should range between 10-30 pounds for smaller assignments, and 60 – 120 pounds for bigger projects and dissertations.

Not stated in the initial request

If you believe that the request for amendments was not stated in the client’s initial request:

  • Please clearly explain to us why you think this is the case. Quote from the initial request, so we can clearly see if that request was stated or not.
  • Please write a professional message to the client explaining why they are not eligible for free amendments

Despite the fact that the client has asked for more than they did initially, they are still our clients and we need to treat them with respect. If we do our very best for them, they are more likely to come back and ask for you to be their writer next time. To make sure this happens please:

  • Write a second message to the client explaining why the implementation of those amendments will incur an additional charge. You will need to provide: a detailed explanation of the work you are undertaking (to be confirmed with the client to avoid any confusion), delivery date(s) indicating when you can send the amended paper and your charge. For example:

Dear Client,

I am sorry you are not happy with your paper, however:

You did not state that you required primary research in your original request. This will take me a significant amount of time to do, therefore my price for this additional work will be XXX pounds and I can complete the work by 1st May.

The primary research I will do will consist of me constructing interview questions, interviewing 50 people and displaying the results in an Excel table.

Kind regards,



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