Dissertation Template

Ivory Research’s top 10 tips on completing your dissertation within 24 hours.

1 Automate your contents page.

You will save time by creating an automatic contents page as your chapters and sub-chapters will be automatically numbered and added to the contents list.
Or download our dissertation structure template HERE.

2 Plan

With 24 hours to go until submission you need to ensure you use what time you have efficiently. A well drafted plan of action is essential. Perhaps with hourly goals! You might think you don’t have time for it; but a plan will highlight exactly what you need to do so you don’t forget anything. Here are our tick list suggestions – tick them off as you go!

  • Title page
  • Abstract
  • Contents – A list of all of the chapters and figures contained in your thesis.
  • Chapter 1- Introduction: An introduction of the specifics of your study and a general overview of the subject area.
  • Chapter 2- Literature Review: A review of the existing literature related to your study and research aims.
  • Chapter 3- Methodology: Explanation of the methodology your study has used.
  • Chapter 4- Analysis of Findings: Explanation of your findings
  • Chapter 5- Discussion: Discussion of your results compared to existing literature
  • Chapter 6- Conclusion: Conclusions you can draw from your results
  • Bibliography – A list of references cited in your thesis.
  • Appendices – Additional materials used in your research.
  • First check.
  • Schedule a proof reader.
  • Amendments
  • Final checks.
  • Submission requirements.
  • Submission
  • Breathe

3 Sourcing & Referencing

Right now you are probably feeling manic. Gather sources prior to writing to help you focus on your exact topic. Your references are the support to your dissertation. Gathering them first will help you concentrate your mind. Find out exactly how to cite your references early and start as you go on. At this stage every point matters.

4 Prioritise!

As you are working, continue to check your plan and ensure you are on track. If you are running late, you may need to leave something out. Decide what is worth the fewest marks and leave this out as early as possible.

5 Conclusion first, Introduction second and Abstract third.

It sounds counter-intuitive but writing your conclusion, introduction and abstract last will give you the best chance to succeed. First write the conclusion; this will help you finalise your paper. This will then help you determine the path you have taken to summarise in your introduction and abstract. You should introduce the subject area which your study is based on and give a brief over view of the dissertation. Your abstract should explain what your study found and the method that your study followed.

6 Acknowledgement

Don’t waste time worrying about your acknowledgement. You can find inspiration from other dissertations or from advice on the internet. Do be sure to mention your tutor though! Alternatively, you will find an example in our template.

7 Reference your tutor

If your topic is related to a textbook or article written by your tutor, make sure you reference it. It’s a nice touch and shows you have absorbed information from them.

8 Proofreading

Arrange for a friend or professional to proofread your dissertation 1-2 hours before you submit. While they are doing this for you, you can use the opportunity to take a short breather. Ensure you have time to address their comments. Why not schedule in advance for an Ivory Research expert to proofread your work. They will use tracked changes to show where they have edited the work or where they have left comments for you. We will also only choose a specialist in your area, meaning that you will receive a proofreading of not only the spelling and grammar, but also the content of your dissertation.

9 Presentation

Your presentation can count for up to 10% of your grade. Make sure your dissertation looks professional. A professional appearance can create a great first impression for your dissertation. Ensure that you use the same font throughout, that your tables and figures are labelled and that your text is all justified. It’s definitely worth spending a little while making sure that your dissertation looks as good as the content within it.

10 Final Checks

Now that you’ve finished your dissertation, it pays to complete one final round of checks. Compare your dissertation to the checklist we provided in Tip #2 and ensure that everything is present in your dissertation. Make sure you’ve updated the contents table and headings and be sure that all figures and tables are labelled. Once you’re happy with the content and presentation of your work; print it, bind it, hand it in and celebrate!

Good Luck with your Dissertation!

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