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Writing a Masters Dissertation
can be fun: 5 things to enjoy!


By the time you’ve reached postgraduate level, finding motivation for yet another long and complex piece of work might be difficult. However, the new-found independence at postgraduate level, as well as these five helpful hints, will make sure that writing your dissertation is even more fun than playing Candy Crush and checking Facebook every ten minutes! Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it.

Step 1: Choose the right topic.

The easiest way to make sure you enjoy your Masters dissertation is to pick a topic that really interests you. The fact that you have more freedom at postgraduate level will make it easier to pick a subject you’re passionate about, meaning you’ll find the writing process so much easier. Plus, you’ll find that you procrastinate less and are more motivated! Write a list of what most interests you about your subject area and come up with an innovative and interesting topic. Try to choose one that will keep you engaged for the whole dissertation. When you find a subject that makes you excited to start planning, that’s when you know you’ve struck gold.

Step 2: Use colour!

Another way to make your Masters Dissertation writing more fun is to use lots of colours to help you write. Colour-coded notes have been scientifically proven to aid study and will enhance your mood, making you happier and more engaged. As a postgrad student, you’ll undoubtedly have pages and pages of notes to go through. Using separate colours for different parts of your research will help you to search through your notes more easily, meaning less frustration and more fun!

Step 3: Talk to people!

Writing your Masters Dissertation doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself away in a dark room for days on end. Talking to your fellow postgraduate students or even your family about your postgraduate dissertation could provide some really useful insights into your work, as well as giving you some time away from your laptop to socialise. You could even start a debate about your topic with your housemates to see if any new ideas are thrown into the mix!

Step 4: Create the ultimate study zone.

Sitting at the same desk, in the same chair, with the same work in front of you can make you feel gloomy. One way of making the long hours of writing more fun is to re-design your study area. Put a corkboard above the desk to pin inspirational images, motivational messages and colourful mind maps on, make a study playlist from all your revision tunes and make sure your drawer is full of study snacks and your favourite tea/coffee. Who says Masters dissertations are hard!?

Step 5: Keep a diary or journal

Taking on such a large piece of work can quickly make things confusing. Where are the notes you made last week? When did you say you’d meet your tutor again? If you’re going to enjoy writing your dissertation, it helps to put things in order. Why not start a masters dissertation journal to document what you do each day, any important deadlines coming up and a mini progress report. Ticking things off a list makes a project more enjoyable; plus, it will feel a lot more productive when you can see all your hard work written down!

Enjoy Your Masters Dissertation!



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