By admin on October 2017


  1. Avoid ladders, mirrors and black cats because who needs extra bad luck on Halloween?
  2. Find a hall/house party. Students love Halloween and house parties so the two make for a winning combination
  3. But make sure you finish all your work before you go out; you’ll thank yourself later
  4. Don’t trust clowns. Have you seen ‘IT’?!
  5. Get a costume because you don’t want to look boring
  6. Make sure it’s original though because zombies have been done a million times
  7. Just avoid the walk of shame because it’s even worse when covered in fake blood
  8. Have more than one costume because Halloween at university is a multiple day event
  9. Get a pumpkin spiced latte; they only come around once a year!
  10. But stay away from pumpkin soup. Pumpkin usage shouldn’t go beyond lattes and pumpkin carving
  11. Watch a horror movie so that you know what NOT to do if you are unlucky enough to find yourself being chased by a monster
  12. Just don’t watch a really scary one. You don’t want to spend Halloween traumatised.
  13. Eat a toffee apple because they’re delicious
  14. Keep clear of Ouija boards. It’s better to be possessed by alcohol than possessed by demons
  15. Charge your phone. No one wants to be stuck without a torch on Halloween




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