Orders will be sent out to you on a template with the information taken from the client’s original order form pasted into the message. Please note below the details that may be contained within the order.


Fee This will be stated on the email unless we require you to quote a price to us. This will be the total fee we will pay you including any additional extras the client may have requested
Academic Standard PhD / 1st / 2:1 / 2:2 (Please note that the standards will apply to all academic levels other than PhD)
Deadline This is the date that you need to send the completed paper to us. Weekdays the deadline is 11pm and 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays, if it is not stated otherwise
Amendments Period DISSERTATIONS:
14 days – standard for first half – no additional fee
28 days – standard for full dissertation – no additional feeAdditional amendments time applies to the complete dissertation:2 months – 5% of the fee
3 months – 10% of the fee
4 months – 15% of the fee
5 months – 20% of the fee

For example, the original fee offered is 500 pounds. The client chooses 3 months extended amendments. Your fee will be 550 pounds.


10 days – standard – no additional fee

1 month – 10% of the fee

2 months – 20% of the fee

3 months – 30% of the fee

4 months – 40% of the fee

Order Summary – Example


Order Number 302450
Level Masters
Main Subject Additional Subject Marketing Management
Order Type Model Answer
Length 1000 words ~ 4 pages
Amendments period Standard, 10 days


Order Number The unique order number will be detailed here and used as the name of the completed paper when you send this to us
Level Master’s and Undergraduate work are the most frequently requested levels
Main Subject The client will specify the main subject area they are studying. You should ensure that you use sources appropriate to this subject when writing the assignment.
Additional Subject The client will specify any additional subject area where applicable.
Order Type This field helps you to know what you are required to write, such as dissertation, proposal, literature review, exam notes, essay or report. A common mistake is for a client to request a report but receive their paper in essay format. You need to ensure that you complete the work in the format requested by the client.
Length This will be detailed in words or words and pages, number os slides, or poster size
Amendments period See above details and please refer to our Amendments Section in the writer’s area
Writer’s Part – Details

Writer’s Part

Topic and requirements This is where the client gives an overview of their assignment. Quite often the assignment question will be included here.
Referencing system The client will specify here what referencing system they require and you need to take great care to ensure that you use the correct system. Please ensure that you adhere to any requirements the client may give. If you are unsure you can check with our quality control department or refer to the  Referencing Guide Section on our website for clarification.
Additional requirements This is where the client will include any additional information, which you may find helpful to complete the assignment. You must take note of any information that is included here.
Specific Sources List Here the client will detail any specific sources required. Please note that these must be used.
Abstract/Executive Summary Required If required the client will indicate this here. Please note the word count for this section should not be included in the overall word count for the completed order.
Contents Page Required If a contents page is required this will be advised here.
Do you require the use of any specific models? Compulsory models that the client may require will be outlined here, e.g. SWOT, PEST….
Do you require appendices? If the client requires appendices details of the contents and the allocated word count will be detailed here. The word count for appendices will be in addition to the word count of the main body and will be accounted for in the fee for the order.
Are calculations required? If the client requires calculations, these will be detailed here and will be accounted for in the fee for the order.
Is a presentation required to accompany the report? The number of slides required and whether this would be with or without accompanying notes.
Do you require a plan? If the client requires a plan of the work this will be on top of the word count stated for the work. This will incur an additional charge from the client and will be reflected in your fee
Do you require a draft? A draft will incur an additional charge from the client and will be reflected in your fee. The specific requirements for the draft will be outlined for you to follow.
Do you require a reflective log/diary? A reflective log or diary will incur an additional change to the client and will be reflected in the fee for the work. The client will outline their specific requirements.
Additional information

Additional Information



Topic If the client has a topic it will be stated here or they may request you to provide them with some topic suggestions.
Proposal Template If the client requires a template to be used it will be attached. You must follow this if requested to.
Dissertation to require Primary Research The client will advise whether they want their final dissertation to include Primary Research. Please note that you would not be required to carry this out it is purely to help build direction of the proposed research for the dissertation.
Dissertation Full

Dissertation Full

Topic If the client has a topic it will be stated here or they may request you to provide them with some topic suggestions.
Research Primary / Secondary / Empirical / None – the client will specify. If primary data is requested the client is advised that this will be fabricated by the writer.
Dissertation Delivery Our standard delivery for dissertations is Outline / First half / Final Version if the client has requested additional delivery components these will be specified with the delivery deadlines for each part.
Dissertation Part

Dissertation Part

Delivery Components Required The client will advise which sections they would like to be completed and the word count they would like allocated for each of the sections. EXAMPLE:

Abstract/Executive Summary:Introduction:

Literature Review:

Methodology:                                  2000 words ~ 8 pages

Questionnaire:                                1000 words ~ 4 pages

Analysis of Findings:                        2500 words ~ 10 pages

Discussion and Conclusion:               750 words ~ 3 pages

Other Part:

Total:                           6250 words ~ 25 pages

Analysis of findings The client will indicate what kind of data they require you to analyse and the statistical analysis packages that should be used where applicable. The client will be requested to attach their data.


Size The poster size will be indicated here: A1 / A2 / A3 / A4
Requirements The client can select a number of options here and any specific requirements for the poster including models, sources, graphs or images, speech notes and if an accompanying report is required will be advised.
Exam Notes

Exam Notes

Exam note requirements The client will indicate here details of their requirements
Exam scenario We have a number of scenarios (below) that the client can choose from and their choice will be indicated here.1. I require brief notes to be written based on my lecture slides and other materials2. I require answers to previous year’s exam papers3. I would like specific questions to be answered4. I have a case study with specific questions5. I have a case study to analyse, but exam questions were not given out6. I have a case study with exam questions and I need them to be answered within 12 hours or less
Exam notes format The client will select: Essay format / Bullet point format / Other (specify). This will help you structure the notes in the client’s preferred format.
Statistical Analysis

Statistical Analysis

Context If the statistical analysis relates to the client’s dissertation this will be advised
Statistical analysis software The client can select SPSS / EViews / Excel / Other. The client will be requested to attach all files relating to the order relevant to the analysis they require.
Computer Programming / Software Development

Computer Programming / Software Development

Specific programming languages The client will specify their requirements, e.g. Java, C++, Matlab….
Development of a database / programme / prototype The client will advise of their requirement. E.g. development of database / programme / prototype…

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