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We would like to invite you to participate in a telephone interview. We will contact you upon receipt of your completed application to arrange a convenient time.

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Insta Research was established in 2014 and takes pride in being an innovative, multi-dimensional research company that has grown to become a leader in the field of academic excellence and resource provision.

We have a dedicated mission to advance and promote academic excellence, continuous learning and personal development. Professionalism and excellence are key to our company, and we work with outstanding individuals with the similar vision of sharing their knowledge and experience. We constantly strive to develop and provide our customers with the necessary tools with which they can achieve and exceed their expectations in their pursuit of academic success.

We complete custom written papers and provide editing and improvement services. Our customers complete an online request form (depending on which service is required). This is where we obtain the information to provide our writers with an assignment brief. To have a look at what kind of information you can expect to receive in a brief, please click on the link below:

We do not condone plagiarism. We provide students with study aids and hope our papers provide them with the inspiration and guidance to write their own papers. We also have an Acceptable Use Policy which we provide on our website and send with every completed paper. To read our policy, please click on the link below:

We also have a Recommended Use Policy which you can read by clicking on the link below:


  1. All work is freelance therefore; you will be self-employed whilst working with us.
  2. When we email you, we need you to respond promptly. This is because we do not send each assignment to all of our suitable writers at the same time. We will normally wait for you to respond before it is offered to another writer, unless the deadline is urgent. We work to clients' deadlines and therefore we need to ensure that the work is accepted by a writer as quickly as possible.
  3. You must never plagiarise. We check each and every paper for plagiarism and if we find a writer has plagiarised, their contract will be terminated and we will not pay for that assignment.
  4. Quality is very important. We aim to provide the best selection of papers available on the internet. You must always write to the best of your ability and to the standard required from the client. The most requested standard is 2:1 but we also receive requests for 2:2 and 1st standards.
  5. We retain the copyright for the works you produce for us therefore you are not allowed to sell or distribute them to any other parties.

There are a number of Customer Service Advisors working in the custom research department. A member of the team will email you an assignment brief. We ask that you reply within 4 hours letting us know if you accept the work or not. If you do not accept, we ask you to state the reason(s). This enables us to note that we should not email you similar assignments if it is a topic you do not wish to write on or, if you cannot meet the deadline, we can ask the client for an extension. However, if you accept an assignment, you should let us know but not start the work until we give the instruction to do so as we may need to ask the client to make their payment first. When payment has been received, we will let you know and ask you to start working on the assignment. You may also ask for additional information prior to accepting or rejecting an assignment.

Once you start an assignment, you must complete it on time and in accordance with the assignment brief and our Compulsory Writing and Presentation Standards (which we will email to you upon succession of your telephone interview and is also always available for reference within the writers' area of our website).


We usually pay £50 per 1,000 words (based on a 2:1 standard). We pay a little less for a 2:2 standard and more for a 1st standard. However, the price may vary. If an assignment requires a lot of calculations or research the fee may be more than our standard prices. There may also be occasions where we may ask you to quote your price but please remember, it should be reasonable as most of our clients are students. Once you have emailed us a completed paper, we check it for quality and plagiarism and then email it to the client. If a client asks for amendments in line with their original request, amendments are free and should be completed as soon as possible to try and avoid any further delay for the client. We pay our writers twice a month, at the beginning and in the middle of each month. On these days we will email an invoice to you for the papers you have completed in the previous two week period. Once you agree the total with us payment is made into your UK bank account using online banking and will normally clear in 3 working days.

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions about working with us:

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