The European sovereign debt crisis

Executive Summary The report studies the effect of the European sovereign debt crisis on global financial markets and polices being employed by policy makers and financial institutions to curb the crisis. Academic journals as well as …

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A brief appraisal of international law

Assignment (3): Do a Brief Appraisal of International Law A Historical Perspective Although Western culture and its political organization provided the foundation of modern international law, the basic concept of international law could be discerned in political …

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Transcript analysis: sociolinguistics and Foucault

Introduction This essay considers the use of interactional sociolinguistics in the analysis of a short transcript (reproduced as appendix one for ease of reference). A brief introduction to the tradition is followed by the analysis …

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Threats to energy security in Western Europe

Recent developments in the discussion between Russia and the Energy Charter Secretariat indicate that there is a growing consensus that the market is not sufficient to ensure energy security. Discuss Introduction Since the Cold War, the relationship …

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Returns to Education: An approach.

Abstract This essay shows the estimates of the rates of return to education for a sample of working-age men using the basic Mincerian equation while controlling the likely endogeneity of education. The results show a 39.2% …

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