Drought, salinity and genes in rice.

1.0 Introduction The chief crop that occupies the chiefly small holder landscape (less than 2 hectares in area) of Asia, with a cumulative area of ~ 130 million hectares, is rice (Oryza sativa). Smallholder farms are …

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Peatlands and carbon storage

Global distribution of peatlands The extent of global peatland coverage has been estimated in the range of 3,880 x 103 to 4,080 x 103 km2 by Maltby and Immirzi (1993), although they acknowledge that this is …

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The need of emergent Strategy in a Changing Environment

Introduction Change, by all means, simultaneously brings about both challenges and opportunities. The business environment has over the past years faced tremendous changes most of which are driven by rapid technological advances, globalisation, e-business and most …

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Moldova–Transdniester Conflict (1992 – Present)

(media.maps.com, 2008) OVERVIEW of the CONFLICT Moldova proclaimed its independence from the USSR on 27 August 1991. However, prior to this internal conflict had begun to emerge and between May and July 1992, a full-scale localised war …

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